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Hotlines and Helplines for Kids and Teens

Welcome to the Hotlines and Helplines section for Kids and Teens.

You will find hotlines and helplines for children facing all different issues. Children call these hotlines and helplines to deal with all different kinds of issues like child abuse, depression, rape, sexual abuse, teen suicide, runaways, bullying, family problems, or even just because they need someone to talk to. The people who volunteer at these hotlines really do care about you, and wan't to help you. So find your country and choose the best hotline for you. Some countries like America, England and New Zealand have many different hotlines for children and you can choose the hotline or helpline you think is best for you, other countries like Canada and Australia have only a few helplines but they deal with all the different issues that you may need help with. If your country is not here or you have more resources in your country please contact me with the info so I can get it on the hotlines and helplines page.

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Last Updated Aug 2007